To ensure we protect all our students, our cars and equipment will receive a deep clean before we return to training.

Before/after each lesson/test the car will be cleaned, including:

  • Door handles (inside and out) – grab handles – window controls – door mirror controls
  • Seats and seat adjustment controls – seatbelt – buckle and clasp
  • Steering wheel – steering wheel adjuster – indicator and wiper stalks – horn
  • Gear lever – hand/parking brake and the interior mirror
  • Bonnet catch (internal and external)
  • Other controls such as Sat Nav – ventilation – window demister
  • Car keys

The two front seats will now have washable seat covers to assist with easy cleaning

Each car will be cleaned outside the students collection point, please keep 2-metres away until you are called over

Students will be asked a number of questions before they enter the vehicle and this may include their temperature being taken by a non-contact body thermometer

If for any reason the student is showing any signs of the Coronavirus the lesson will be terminated either at the start or during the lesson.

We will be reducing the number of driving lessons we deliver each day to ensure the safety of our students.

5. What are we doing to ensure the Health and Safety of our students